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1/2" Reaper Jetting Nozzle

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1 forward jet at 0° and 4 rear jets at 20°. The Reaper has the best cutting power that we've seen for a water cutting nozzle. The single, rotating forward jet creates a 30° cutting cone that has outstanding cutting power, taking half the time that other popular front jet nozzles took in our test on an OSB board. DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, here's a video from Hydra-Flex showing the Reaper vs. leading competitors: Reaper Nozzle video 4 static rear jets at 20° give the nozzle good pulling power down the pipe and good flushing power as you bring debris back. The Reaper is made from stainless steel with tungsten carbide added to wear surfaces for long life. Configurable from 7.3 - 18 GPM, up to 4,000 PSI. see the specifications below. GPM / PSI configurations are provided in the drop down menus. These are the recommended configurations provided by the manufacturer.
Reaper Nozzle 3/8"1/2"
Front Jets1 @ 0°1 @ 0°
Rear Jets 4 @ 20° 4 @ 20°
Flow Rate (GPM)4 - 97.3 - 18
Pressure (PSI)1,500 - 4,0001,500 - 4,000
For Pipe Sizes (inches)3" - 6"4" - 8"
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